Belair Boost in Strato Blue Jewel


Lately we have been making these as custom order for friends. I have a few left if you would like one. This particular  one is mine from my board and has been played by everyone that has come into the shop. It sounds amazing and has blue jewel. $100.


Seaverb Reverb sounds like spring


The idea behind the Seaverb was to make a reverb unit that acts like a spring and sound like a spring as best the Accutronincs  digi-log could do. Turned out pretty amazing. I have sold out of every single pedal we have ever made and I build each one of these with a tremendous amount of care. I currently have 3 that are not spoken for. This is a rare chance to get one of these amazing pedals. Email me if you want one for $120. Each one will be hand signed.