Andy Green Pedals


All pedals are assembled by hand. Designed by Andy Green.
Shipping is always free!


Ordering instructions: please send a purchase request and any additional questions to Andy Green at: Once received, a PayPal Invoice will be generated and sent back for payment. We usually ship pedals same day. If we do not have one finished we will make it for you.

The SEAVERB | Reverb      $125

poster12The Seaverb was designed to replace an onboard spring reverb with a quiet stable consistent alternative. Each unit is hand assembled, built with high-end 1% tolerance and hand tested audio parts. We use Wima and Panasonic Capacitors and Vishay-Dale resistors. Every component is tested and cleaned before being soldered to the high quality PCB with Kester solder. The potentiometers are soldered directly to the PCB and the jacks are wired with high quality Mil. Spec. 22 AWG wire. This attention to detail makes the build very clean and durable.

The 2 controls on the enclosure are Depth and Shine.

The depth control adds the amount of reverb needed from barely noticeable to deep spring like reverb.

The shine control is a subtle control and can be compared to the original spring Dwell control. Acting almost as a fine tuning to the amount of reverb that the depth sets. It is NOT a tone control, it does not add or cut treble or bass. It works with decay and the trails.

Inside the enclosure on the top right hand side of the PCB is the internal switch that will add some of the output back into the input giving a larger more cavernous effect. Of course this is best heard when all controls are set at maximum. Moving the switch to the up position will do this. The pedal ships with the switch in the down position for normal medium reverbs.

Power Requirement: 9v (does not support battery)

The WARMER DRIVE | Overdrive

twdThe Warmer Drive with 18db of boost can use it to push your amps dirty channel into the next state. It adds warmth and never sounds shrill. Using the pedal on a clean channel yields an inviting musical rootsy bluesy tone similar to a tweed champ turned up. True Bypass handbuilt in the USA.

Power Requirement: 18v




The DAILY GRIND | Overdrive


The Daily Grind in not a clone of anything out there. The pedal was created after 25+ years of design. The dual opamp inside this pedal has been used to its fullest capabilities. 

Power Requirement: 18v


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