The Warmer Drive

Hopefully we will have The Warmer Drive in stock for a few more months. I am sure I will order more parts to make these again in the future but for now the last 25-30 will be available Jan 15th.

One of Each is all gone

Merry Holidaze all and thanks for buying pedals. We are taking a break until 2016 when we will show the new line-up. #pedalsales

25 Second Seaverb Demo

Seaverb Demo Click the above link for a quick demo of the Seaverb and the Daily Grind doing some 80’s metal sounds. Its a quick 25 seconds.

Good Year For Jazzmasters

65 was that kind of year that caused bands to write hits and kids to dig the groovy vibes. Olympic white was a “cool” color.This one just got the electronics freshened up.

Seaverbs ship Monday

Thank you to everyone that waited for Seaverbs. Theses will all go out on Monday. Big thanks to Sean A. for helping me get these into boxes today. “Dude, this sounds better than any reverb I have ever tried.” “I prefer the Andy Green Seaverb over my amps built in tank” New batch will be…

Better than expected

Andy Green built, and setup. Warmoth custom built body, neck, and finishes. Lindy Fralin Pickups. Craig Lavin custom designed inlay art on headstock. JAT custom pickup covers, Knobs, and switch tip cover.


If you want a Hizz Fuzz before X-Mass please let us know as we have about 25 left and will try to build those out in the next weeks. Seaverbs also shipping this week. The Hizz Fuzz is a 100% pure Germanium Transistor Fuzz circuit that is made to play well with others, especially Wahs….

Telecaster Belair Boost

Yes friends it really does come in Tele. This is the amazing Andy Green Pedals Belair Boost. This one is sold but please feel free to order one. I should be making more this week. $179.99

Relic Strat $1199

MJT One Piece Nitro body This is a Mark Jenny 1961 Stratocaster body in “Olympic White” Nitro and aged to perfection. Warmoth 62 standard neck L serial plate The neck is also Nitro vintage tint 7.25 radius 6105 frets with almost zero fretwear. It is an exact copy of a 1961 Fender Stratocaster neck. Brandonwound 1960…

The Warmer Drive $129.99

The Warmer Drive with 18db of boost can use it to push your amps dirty channel into the next state. It adds warmth and never sounds shrill. Using the pedal on a clean channel yields an inviting musical rootsy bluesy tone similar to a tweed champ turned up. True Bypass handbuilt in the USA.

The Daily Grind $129.99

We have a very limited number of The Daily Grind made with some high end audio parts like Wima, Burr-Brown and Allen Bradley. These sound incredible and will gone soon.

Hand Made Boost by Andy Green $179.99

Hand Made 100% Germanium NPN Boost. This box sounds amazing! It is a fat clean boost that can overdrive any amp. Email Andy for yours before they disappear.

Hizz Fuzz Now only $129.99

The Hizz Fuzz is a 100% pure Germanium Transistor Fuzz circuit that is made to play well with others, especially Wahs. The Hizz Fuzz has 2 internal trimmer pots to dial in the sweetspot as well as adjust the input gain. This allows the user to put the fuzz before or after any effect with…

Seaverb Reverb $159.99

“This is the best reverb pedal we have heard hands down” 100% hand made vintage audio component high end spring type reverb you have been wanting. Andy Green is a genius that has combined great reverb in an affordable package that actually sounds like a Twins tank.

Custom Made Boost $169.99

This is a 100% hand made Germanium Black blob 2N5133 transistor boost. It has a very small and accurate audio path and it sounds amazing. This is a one of a kind item.

What we love to hear and The Gear Page.

The Gear Page article Thank you Don for this awesome post on the Gear Page. I have spent countless hours on here reading about all the companies I love and seeing great reviews of products that I am about to buy. To see my pedals being talked about is quite surreal and exciting! “I had…

The next thing.

Here is the prototype of the LaBella Bass Fuzz. These should be available next month and are 100% Germanium fuzz pedals tuned for bass. They have a huge amount of bottom and easily cut through the mix. This was a lot of fun to design for bass, paired with the Bass Preamp we make and…

GREAT effects shop

Andy Green Pedals wants to welcome our newest dealer to the mix. Hands down one the best effect shops we have ever seen. Ryan Nixon is a very knowledgeable guy that doesn’t mind talking effects. Guitar Effects Pedals knows more about Hendrix tone and how to get it than anyone on the net, from Roger…

Guitar pedal building marathon

After a full day of guitar repairs on Saturday I went home walked the dog and got back here to start building pedals for NAMM This is the first 10 La Bella Bass Preamps. It was a good start and I think I can finish these today if I go in. Hopefully I will be…

Summer NAMM Nashville

Summer NAMM is here and Andy Green Pedals will be sharing a booth with La Bella Strings. (Booth 911) I was there last year to introduce my pedals with a very small booth. I picked up a dozen distributors that now carry my pedal in 5 different countries. This year we have a new website…

Full Page Summer Namm Handout

Hopefully we will get some traction with this ad. I have a half size and a quarter page ad ready as well. This may just end up as the Summer NAMM handout. Our company has been built on pro use and word of mouth. The incredible guitar players that review my pedals and the happiness and…

The Hizz Fuzz Demo #1

Please bare with me, I do many things with guitars even tho playing is not my strongest suit I try to emulate Jimi as much as I can in my attitude towards playing. If not even hitting a single note he hit. That being said the Hizz Fuzz does just that it sounds like his…

The Warmer Drive at NAMM

Hopefully we will have a few surprises at the NAMM show in July. The Warmer Drive was very young last year and in less then a year since then we have sold almost 150 of them. Same for The Daily Grind. The Hizz Fuzz will make its actual debut at NAMM. Everyone that has played…

50/50 All in

So here is the conclusion of the Japan order for these lil’ preamps. I make these for another company so I do not have them for sale, Sorry but I will put up a link as soon as one is available. Big thanks to my friend Sean that jumped in here and helped wire some…

Sounds like His Fuzz

Andy Green Pedals is proud to announce the release of The Hizz Fuzz. The third pedal in the line, The Hizz Fuzz is a 100% pure Germanium Transistor Fuzz circuit that is made to play well with other effects, especially a Wah. The HIzz Fuzz has internal trimmer pots to dial in a sweetspot and…

The Warmer Drive reviewed in Spanish

Please take a look at one of the coolest websites around. Vas A Sonar They just posted an amazing review of The Warmer Drive in Spanish. Being from Miami and spending so much time with Latin bands is what we are about. With so many friends and family from South America we have made our…