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Here is where you get all your Andy Green apparel and The Official Hollywood Guitar Shop Shirt.


Gear Man Dude

Huge thank you to the coolest reviewer on the planet Gearmandude.

Seaverbs in the shop


For $99 you can get a Seaverb pedal handmade by Andy Green this Saturday at the shop. We have been back ordered since May 5th and have just got caught up on getting these out. We currently have enough high end parts left to build a few more for the weekend. If you want one of these you got to stop by the shop this weekend. Always call ahead to see if I have any left but we should be there all day Saturday with at least 5 of them finished.

Sunshine State SG’s


Being an SG fan is pretty easy in South Florida. We get so many incredible guitars in here each week and we get to see many of the great SG’s from the old days. This one has T-Tops and a Gibson Bigsby. It has been around some of my good friends for many years. I am lucky I get to take care of her.

New frets are like new shoes.

fretterSeems like all those 70’s Fender Strats and Teles that no-one wanted in the 70’s are now all the rage. Many are finding out while they hold the mystique of a vintage guitar they play awful. Thin low frets, 7.25 radius, years of playing are just a few of the reasons these make the perfect candidate for new frets.

Belair Boost in Strato Blue Jewel


Lately we have been making these as custom order for friends. I have a few left if you would like one. This particular  one is mine from my board and has been played by everyone that has come into the shop. It sounds amazing and has blue jewel. $100.



This is a Yamaha Guitaralele I tuned to A (like a guitar capoed on the 5th fret.) It actually sounds amazing and is a dream to play, oh yea it has a pickup too.

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