New Batch Shipping Soon

The newest batch of Seaverbs are made with special ENIG PC Boards with gold contacts and all +/-1% tolerance parts for the most lush authentic reverb you squeeze into a pedal!

Gear Man Dude

Huge thank you to the coolest reviewer on the planet Gearmandude.

Seaverbs in the shop

For $125 you can get a Seaverb pedal handmade by Andy Green this Saturday at the shop. We have been back ordered since May 5th and have just got caught up on getting these out. We currently have enough high end parts left to build a few more for the weekend. If you want one…

Seaverbs Shipping Today

“Handmade one at a time by Andy Green, hands down the best reverb brick I have heard”

Sunshine State SG’s

Being an SG fan is pretty easy in South Florida. We get so many incredible guitars in here each week and we get to see many of the great SG’s from the old days. This one has T-Tops and a Gibson Bigsby. It has been around some of my good friends for many years. I…

New frets are like new shoes.

Seems like all those 70’s Fender Strats and Teles that no-one wanted in the 70’s are now all the rage. Many are finding out while they hold the mystique of a vintage guitar they play awful. Thin low frets, 7.25 radius, years of playing are just a few of the reasons these make the perfect…

Belair Boost in Strato Blue Jewel

Lately we have been making these as custom order for friends. I have a few left if you would like one. This particular  one is mine from my board and has been played by everyone that has come into the shop. It sounds amazing and has blue jewel. $100.


This is a Yamaha Guitaralele I tuned to A (like a guitar capoed on the 5th fret.) It actually sounds amazing and is a dream to play, oh yea it has a pickup too.

Seaverb Reverb sounds like spring

The idea behind the Seaverb was to make a reverb unit that acts like a spring and sound like a spring as best the Accutronincs  digi-log could do. Turned out pretty amazing. I have sold out of every single pedal we have ever made and I build each one of these with a tremendous amount…

In the green

Jimi’s green monster that just got new springs for the Kahler

Yoda Face Fuzz Done Right

In theme with yesterdays amazing Bass Fuzz I made a matching Yoda Guitar Fuzz with the same NOS 1960’s Germanium 2SN172’s and this thing sounds so amazing. I made this for a young guitar player that sounds incredible playing all that Stevie and Jimi stuff, he is going dig it

BFF (Bass Fuzz Face)

Made an incredible sounding Germanium (2sb172) Fuzz tuned for bass. This one is sold but we should have more by the weekend.

K&K Pickup in a Taylor

Hands down the best solution for a Taylor that came sans electronics. The little K&K is a pain to install but well worth all the effort. Here is Tiara sticking her hand in a place my would never fit. Thank heavens for skinny girls.

Guitars as friends

I am so blessed to meet the amazing musicians that own the amazing guitars that come through the shop everyday. This one is owned by Nick a studio engineer from Florida that is equally amazing on mixing console as he is on guitar. His collection is truly a walk in the valley of tone.

Seaverbs Shipped

If you open one of our pedals this is what you will find inside. I take a lot of care building these as you can see. The number represents the date we made it. This is one of the new Seaverbs that sounds incredible.

2 knob Golden Boost

Not everyone is a Fender player so we made some 2 knob boosts for the Gibson guys. These are all gone but I will make some Goldtop ones next week. Still just $99!

Seaverb Reverb Featured Pedal

“We usually don’t have one to even demo in the shop they have become so popular” says Andy Green these days. The Seaverb Reverb is such a refreshing pedal after trying so many units that miss the mark. To say that the Seaverb is the closest pedal I have heard to a real reverb unit…

58 Double Neck Fender Steel

1958 Fender Double 8 string steel. I can not even begin to explain the amount of music that has come out of this lil’ angel of an instrument. You just have to love your job when this is on your bench. (E6, E7, E9 all ok)

Hizz Fuzz Fun

We have about 6 Hizz Fuzz Pedals that sound amazing. They are 100% Germanium PNP. Each one is hand tuned. These are in the shop now if you always wanted one, today might be your day….$99


Originally invented in the mid-1970’s by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley of 10cc, the Gizmotron® was poised to revolutionize the guitar world with its promise of infinite sustain and the ability to create “authentic sounds of such stringed instruments as violins, violas and cellos”. After years of development and great investment, the company originally licensed…

This one is yours

Your Belair Boost is in this pile. Some boards waiting on Q1 (the silicon transistor that makes them sound sooooo good.)

The Belair Boost in Strato

Turns out that almost every single Belair Boost is hand made and hand signed by the artist. Andy’s boost is nothing short of amazing and the NPN 2N2222 sounds killer in this circuit. Every box is hand made 100%.

Belair Boost $150

We make about 6 of these at a time so please order early! So it is what? An incredible hand tuned boost that goes from low meaty jazzy cleans to biting singing drive all controlled by the volume on your guitar. Maybe some more will happen this week. If you want one now is the…

100 Germanium PNP’s

My last batch of PNP Germaniums, these will build 50 more Hizz Fuzz pedals and that might be it. I love to build the pedal but matching these bad boys is time consuming.

Real big fish

This awesome guitar falls in the only in South Florida category. Guy Harvey model 84 Studio.

Love what you make

Love orange so much here in South Florida. Newest boost made for Sean Wright