About Andy Green

In 1979 Rock and Roll was king and “Disco Sucked”.

It was a time of sold out shows at Madison Square Garden and Saturday matinee’s at CBGB’s I was 13 years old and I was in the center of it all. Being from New York City some of my earliest memories are going to see The Dead or The Allman Brothers at the Garden or Frank Zappa at the Paladium. The Kinks and The Ramones became my favorite “live bands”. You could say that guitar was my pied piper and I was dumb following.

0061982 I walked into New York’s first and foremost vintage guitar shop, Michael’s Music. Mike was busy and the vintage guitars were dusty and dirty. I asked if I could work there and clean them, I begged him for a job that day and to appease me he took my phone number and I left. He called that evening and offered me what would be become a life long job. Guitars.

I was busy selling guitars and enjoying life for Michale’s and I learned a lot from Mike. We had hundreds of vintage guitars and Mike knew more about instruments than anyone I have ever met. We bought and sold everything that had strings on it or you could plug strings into it and some brass to boot. My customers also had been New York Style, from the guys at Unichord that became Korg to Electro Harmonix and Cafe Wah and Sam Ash in my hometown. Gracins music the first Charvel dealer (yep I was there), Electric Ladyland well you get it. I quickly became the effects go to guy in New York City. I owned every box made. Mike got me everything and I mean everything.

One of my customers bought guitars for Kurosawa Sound in Tokyo and he offered me a job in the Soho Manhattan store (Dr. Sound) around 1989 and I became the guitar repair guy in the village. I was busy fixing punk bands guitars all through the 90’s and helping Kurosawa Sound buy and sell vintage guitars in the states when Rudy of Rudy’s Music Stop hired me to run his amp and effects shop. At the time he was the Bradshaw dealer in New York and we had an all pro clientele. I was suddenly thrown into building full rack systems for touring artists for Rudy’s. His music shop is the best in the world, he was boutique way before guitars became boutique.

1996 I moved to Miami to help with the first Guitar Center that opened down here. Soon I was back to fixing guitars in my spare time and by 2002 that grew into a full time shop in Miami. In 2007 I opened Miami Guitar Shop inside Moksha Studios and that grew into Hollywood guitar Shop in Hollywood Fl.

In 2010 I opened up shop in Dania Beach in a permanent location and started to build and fix guitars. By 2013 I had an idea to make my Seaverb Reverb pedal for the masses and after some rave reviews we are now selling more pedals than I could have ever imagined. No Kickstarter, no Shark Tank no help from anyone. Just make great pedals and be kind to others. Everything will fall into place.

Remember that not all pedals are effects….